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Wine Tanks

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Manufactured Tanks

Our decade of experience in the wine industry has resulted in an extensive line of manufactured tanks with options that give you the feel of a custom product at an affordable price. We think like engineers, using the latest CAD design software and highly automated processes to produce high quality smooth welds and ensure precise dimensions.

But we also act like craftsmen, hand-inspecting every tank and adding those optional touches that ensure that tank delivers exactly what you want for your winery.

Our quality begins with our stainless steel, where the affiliation with Tremcar results in tremendous buying power on your behalf. From sheet polishing to automated welding, we build quality control into every step through delivery and set-up.

Custom Tanks

Your custom tank order begins with our carefully understanding your needs and offering our advice about everything from the gauge of the steel to the best positioning for manways. We produce scale drawings and work with you to ensure we have the details exactly right. We understand that the importance of firm delivery dates and keep in touch with you throughout the manufacturing process through to installation on your premises.

Special orders

We can almost build any non-pressurized tank required.  We have built many compound tanks, both doubles and triples with both open and closed tops. We even delivered some that where fully insulated and contained an internal agitator.