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Oenological Accessories

Strainer cage

Strainer cage

Punch down arm

punch down arm

Cooling plate - Cooling coil

cooling plate - cooling coil

Decantor arm

decantor arm
pvc tube


Material: Thermo Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride.
Wire encapsulated PVC external helix wear strip
Diameters: 1.5” to 24”
Bend radius = 6” diam.= 5.5”
Weight: 6” = .88 lbs/ft
Lengths: 25 & 50 ft. up to 8” diam., 20’ -10” diam. and up
Compression Ratio: 2:1
Temperature range:–20°F to +165°F
Colour: Clear with black external helix

*(available with and without encapsulated wire)

Novaflex Medium Service Duct
SF PVC (Thermo Plastic PVC)

This duct’s special molecularly bonded construction means less turbulence for maximum flow efficiency. This is a choice duct for many industrial applications, including the transport of particles and gaseous media. Constructed of premium clear Polyvinyl Chloride this duct allows for continuous visual monitoring. Manufactured with FDA approved materials.


Suitable for light duty material handling
Good resistance to oil, alkali and acids
Extremely flexible with good abrasion resistance
Clear construction for visual monitoring