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Much more than a manufacturer of tanks and fermenters.
We are your trusted partner.

About Raynox

Passion, quality and trust are what describe us at Raynox. A manufacturer of stainless steel tanks and fermenters since 1996, our mission is to offer our customers tailor-made solutions of great quality without worries. We are your trusted partner throughout your projects.

Expert in the field for almost 25 years, we offer our vats and fermentation solutions to different sectors of the food industry. We are pleased to have earned over the years, some of the biggest names in the industry as customers.

Having extended our expertise from coast to coast, the Raynox brand is synonymous with quality. Recognized for our high quality equipment, as well as our technical expertise and personalized customer service. You can trust that we will be your ally in the development of your business and your products.


Demand the best… Demand Raynox!

High quality tanks for the food industry

Experienced and meticulous employees, thoughtful production techniques, equipment adapted to the projects we carry out: this is what allows Raynox to reach, every day, a higher level of quality in all the tanks and products we manufacture.

Offering for almost 25 years our vats and fermentation solutions to the different food industries, such as vineyards, microbreweries, cider houses, distilleries and maple and industrial establishments. We are pleased to have as clients some of the biggest names in each industry.

Made-to-measure Canadian manufacturing

All Raynox products are handcrafted in Canada with care and are made to your specifications.

We use only the best materials and subject them to rigorous quality control at each stage of production. This allows you to get a high quality custom product that meets your constraints and allows you to get it at a reasonable price.

Your order for personalized tanks begins with special attention to your needs. We offer our advice during the planning stage to determine design requirements such as equipment layout, tank size and to note the requirements of your facilities.

A robust stainless steel construction

Our years of industry experience have allowed us to develop a full range of tanks and equipment for food storage, processing and fermentation. Each Raynox product is manufactured using high quality stainless steel and uses grades that meet individual tolerances.

All of our products are also created using CAD design software and an automated high-performance process to manufacture products that meet load needs, produce high quality welds and ensure dimensions accuracy.

In addition, we also work like craftsmen, manually checking each tank and adding small personal touches to it to make sure that they meet exactly what you need.

Carefree solutions

The Raynox brand is synonymous with quality. We take pride in knowing that all the equipment we offer for storage, fermentation and processing is of the highest quality and tailored specifically to the needs and restrictions of our customers. Whether it’s wine equipment or beer and spirits brewing equipment, Raynox is there to help.

Our representatives are available to discuss with you during the planning stage to determine the criteria and specifics of your project and thus establish the equipment layout, the size of the tanks and note the installation problems that can arise.

Following the approval of your order, we keep you informed during each stage of the production and we remain available to answer any questions you may have.

We understand the importance of a firm delivery date and we will communicate with you throughout the manufacturing process.

You can rest easy knowing that you are getting a great technical support on all equipment you buy. Also, if you need to service your products and make repairs, know that you have access to replacement parts in just a few days.

Passionate people at your service since 1996

For several years, the Raynox team has above all become a large family dedicated to its mission which is to give its customers the confidence to find the solutions and the quality they are looking for to carry out their projects without worries.

In house machine shop

In addition to our expertise in tanks and fermenters, we are also specialized in the machining and welding of mechanical parts for all purposes. This is an advantage that differentiates us from our competitors. We are able to offer quick and competitive solutions under one roof to our customers, to meet the different problems or needs they may have.

The Raynox confidence guarantee

With Raynox, you can rest easy… In addition to benefiting from high quality products, your warranty on our products begins as soon as you take possession of your tanks upon delivery.

Our technicians are always available by phone during business hours to answer any questions you may have and resolve common technical problems.

If an on-site visit is necessary, one of our technicians will make a visit to resolve the problem.

Questions about our products?

Contact us today to start your tank project and discover the many solutions and products we can offer you.