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The superior quality and know-how of our stainless steel fermentation tanks and fermenters are unmatched. Whether you are looking for variable capacity tanks, conical bottom, flat bottom, jacketed, fermentation tanks or more, RAYNOX has what you need to produce tanks that will be enjoyed for generations.

Our main models of tanks offered for distilleries:

Fermentation tanks with conical bottom for the fermentation of wort.

Pressure tanks with rounded bottom for the carbonation of beer, wine or cider.

Closed tanks are ideal for fermentation, maceration and storage of liquids.

Tank for converting ground grains into sugars for fermentation.

Tanks for processing large-scale food products.

Tank closed with two or three independent sections.

Tanks that can be stacked one over each other.

Tanks with an opened top.

Closed tanks for the storage of liquid.

Tanks custom made to your specifications.

Spare parts and accessories for tanks.

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