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Insulated tank

Our isolated tanks are designed for your particular needs. Our isolation is ideal for the fermentation, the maceration and the storage of products. They allow you to control the temperature of your products indoors and give you the desired result.


Type Insulated tank with double wall in 304 stainless steel
Dimensions Diameter and height of the tank are made to your specifications
Capacity Capacity of the tank offered between 228 to 55,000 liters
Insulation Insulation of 2” and more depending on the tank capacity
Bottom Available with flat, tilted or conical bottom
Head Available with flat, inclined or conical head
Manhole Oval, rectangular and rond manhole available in several sizes
Valve(s) Tasting / sampling valve included
Gauge Sight glass gauge
Legs Pyramid or tubular legs with adjustment screws and sub-legs
Drainage outlet Drainage and racking outlet with TC fittings with butterfly or ball valves
Pressure valve Pressure / vacuum valve
Hooks Hooks for lifting
Accessories Ladder support


Cooling jacket  Point-to-point welded cooling wall with 1 ’’ NPT outlet, 15 psi
Heating jacket Point-to-point welded warming wall with 1 ’’ NPT outlet, 20 psi
Insulation Stainless steel siding with 3 ’’ insulation available
Washing ball Detachable washing ball with piping
Well Well for probe
Thermometer Thermometer with well
Plan Engineering plan available for anchoring and seismic loading
Personalized plaque Personalized plates with company name and logo
Finish Several finishing options available: Euro, brushed, etc.
Identification Slate board for identification

All of our tanks are manufactured to your specifications. We offer a multitude of options and features  to specifically meet the needs and restrictions of our customers. We only use the best materials and we subject them to rigorous quality control in order to offer sustainable products that meet the highest food standards.

To find out more about our tanks, we invite you to contact one of our specialized representatives. They can help you get the perfect tank for your needs.

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